Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.
-Albert Einstein-

About Ikita Studio

Ikita is a  mexican team of design experts which are specialized in the production of artwork for print, multimedia development, web applications and app development for mobile devices.

We have over 16 years experience developing smart products for many sectors of public and private industry. Within our skills include design, programming and editing audio and video. At the company, We are committed to obtain a complete satisfaction of our customers by providing quality, productivity, convenience, timeliness and a service attitude.

Ikita offers comprehensive production services, from the development of concepts and ideas to the execution of them by delivering the ending product.

Why to choose Ikita Studio

  • Because the quality of our work is clearly identifiable, making the view of its direct to consumer brand rather than your competition
  • Because we exceeded expectations and challenges of our customers
  • Because we are creative & responsible people
  • Because we go against inertia, break traditional molds, experience new ways to address the design and the media
  • Because we can create incredible ideas from scratch and convert them into reality

Our mission

Our mission is to provide creative, functional and innovative services that maximize investment and capitalize on growth opportunities for our customers.

Our vision

To be a leader in the development of multimedia applications that perform profitably, reliable, secure and flexible enterprise; use creativity and information technology to deliver quality services that anticipate and adapt to future needs of our customers and to new market conditions. We are a company that is constantly innovating.

Our Philosophy

We know that making visual communication is more than just drawing pictures: effectively codify what our customers need to say, so we are aware of the importance of becoming part of their team. We have a compromise to work together with our clients to form a synergy that will lead to optimal results.

Our values

Honesty with our customers, our colleagues and ourselves. Commitment to do our best every day to achieve a high quality performance.

Clientes / Proyectos