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Tip calculator

Date December 2013 - January 2014 (last update)
Final client Mobile markets
Project’s name Tip Calculator
Category App for mobile


App description

This application is helpful to calculate the tip when the bill arrives to the table. The app can be used in restaurants, bars or anywhere where there is consumption of food or beverages. The tip calculator allows you to see results quickly and easily, no matter if you are 2, 20 or 100 people, it tells you the total bill and how much each person has to pay (including tax and tip).

How to use this app:

  • Click on any of the available text fields and type the amount by using the calculator which appears each time you touch an editable field. After you fill the text field, press the calculate button . Depending on which fields are filled, the results will appear automatically.
  • Modify the tax percentage ( VAT ) by typing the number or by using the buttons +/- to increase or decrease the percentage by one
  • Modify the tip percentage by typing the amount or by using the buttons +/- to increase or decrease the percentage by one
  • Choose the number of people in which the account will be divided by. You can use again the appearing calculator or you can use the buttons +/- to increase or decrease the number people by one.
  • Enable or disable round tip
  • Enable or disable to change the tax percentage
  • Enable or disable to change the tip percentage
  • You are able to select a different language. The currently supported languages are:
    • Spanish
    • English
    • Italian (since version 1.0.3)
    • German (since version 1.0.3)
    • French (since version 1.0.3)
    • Portuguese (since version 1.0.4)
    • Russian (since version 1.0.5)
  • Choose a different currency:
    • $
    • £
    • ¥
    • руб

Download app

The app is available at:

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