Recibo de honorarios (México)

Receipt for fees (Mexico)

Released / Updated January 2013 - November 2015 (last update)
Final Customer General public
Project name Receipt for fees (Mexico)
Category App for mobile devices

Brief description

The application is intended to help people to know how to fill out correctly a receipt for fees in Mexico.

The calculator provides different scenarios:

  1. Calculate the fee receipt for either an individual, a legal entity,  state governments or foreign customer (version 1.3.3 +)
  2. Calculate the applied tax depending on the geographic location of the customer
    The new approved law for 2014 changed the frontier tax (11%) which has been removed from the current taxation. There is only one common tax for the mexican territory which is 16%
  3. Calculate any amount of the receipt from a chosen concept, for example, calculations can be obtained from the VAT Amount, the Subtotal, VAT Retention, and some other concepts holded by the receipt of fees
  4. The user can send the results by e-mail (up to 10 per day) (version 1.2.2 +)
  5. The user is able to choose Spanish or English as the default language (version 1.3.0 +)
  6. In addition, there is a 2 different avatars to choose from. The avatar explains briefly what the chosen concept is all about. This is very useful when a person has not a clear idea of the selected topic (version 1.3.0 +)
  7. Calculate the schedular tax when needed (version 1.3.4 +)

Download the application

The application is currently available at:

Receipt for fees (Mexico) - LITE
Receipt for fees (Mexico) - PRO

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