Digital animation

Ikita has a team of experts in the process of producing 2D (classic animation) and 3D animation.

In a globalized market, companies require attractive and impressive display of their company's brand. If a company brand is not strong enough, a product or service might be affected on sales.
Through 2D or 3D animation, your business can be greatly benefited by presenting new 3D product prototypes, or by displaying a new avatar for the company or even by showing a 3D video for the logo company to be used into an intro for a corporate video.

The type of animation Ikita Studio offers to the client, allows to:

  • Visualize the ending result of a project or product
  • Virtual tours
  • Combine 3D animations with real video


Through animation, you can get attractive graphics, a better corporate image allowing a greater visual impact. For example, these solutions can be used in different kind of presentations for complex projects such as architecture or a simulation of a chemical process.

Using 3D animation, it positively impacts a final project for a client or it can be used as a wonderful tool when used as a means of insight into advertising. Other advantages are:

  • To display a final product prototype in a virtual mode
  • To reinforce the corporate image and brand
  • To reduce costs by not requiring pre model building
  • To make able to get 3D printing from a prototype

3D services offered by Ikita

  • Hyperrealistic architectural surveys
  • To build from scratch a Business avatar cartoon and the animation of it into any institutional video
  • To make possible art, settings and characters for video games
  • To develop virtual tours in museums, institutes, companies or wherever you need it

Our artists are experts in the following areas:

  • 3D and classic animation (2D)
  • Rig
  • Ilumination for 3D spaces
  • Industrial design prototypes
  • Modelling and rendering
  • Displaying animation through the web
  • 3D programming for physics and materials
  • Napperz
  • Diffruta
  • Club Rotario Aragón
  • Civflex
  • Hand Relax
  • Avenida Conkal
  • Ben 3D
  • Otoniel Solis
  • Club Campestre Saltillo
  • Faficom
  • Ola Verde MX
  • Universidad Motolinía
  • Celeris
  • Safekids Mexico
  • Gamyr
  • Estylosa
  • Norris & Elliott
  • Casa de Proyectos
  • LTEC
  • Universidad La Salle - Saltillo
  • Tarjeta Médica Pop
  • Vive Digital
  • Master Payment
  • Armonía Decora
  • Simonela
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  • Rotary Distrito 4170
  • KidZania
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  • Highkey
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  • Quantum IP
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  • Policlínica New Dimensions
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